dime dream

Here is my dream journal entry for one of the dreams I had recently:

5/31/2011 “In a big area.  Have to fight a Golem (feet of clay) to get through door.  His weapon has long chain, with flail on end.  Jump over flail.  Run towards him.  He drops a war hammer (large).  I am going to pick up the hammer and smash one of his feet.  Dimes are on the ground (gravel).  I point them out to someone.  Start picking up the dimes.  Some of them are foreign coins (Canadian?)  Drop the coins but then start picking out the dimes.”

A strange thing happened yesterday…I was with my mom at the Ramona Grasslands Preserve.  We were in the gravel parking lot and I found a dime and a penny.  When we were leaving my mom found a dime as well.  Maybe just coincident that I had dreamed about picking up dimes from a gravel lot…but maybe not 🙂


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